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This first photographic exhibition of the Alfredo F. Tadiar seeks to show images of the everyday. The photographic images presented here record aspects of the daily social worlds of communities in the lowlands and highlands of the Northern Philippines. They document and show aspects of people's lives and environment that are shared and ephemeral, disappearing, or otherwise unrecognized, unacknowledged, and unarchived.

In this exhibition, we see photographic images of both mundane and ceremonial rituals, such as the necessary daily work of carrying, transporting, and communication (Jhon Lexter Piga) and the momentous preparation of a wedding feast (John Joseph Lopez-Buenaventura), which are the indispensable social efforts that go unseen in an event-focused world. We see unspectacular scenes behind the pageantry of religious rites (Corinne Garcia) as well as the unremarked splendor of farming (Shairalene Guerrero), the social labor of religion and agriculture sustaining the spiritual and material lives of communities of the North. And we witness rural and urban environments that are subject to rapid disappearance with the onslaught of projects and narratives of development and economic progress (Nic Santos; Vincent Ardidon), even as we marvel at the people working and shaping the landscapes in which they are embedded (Evelyn O Rimando; Ray Ivan Santos).

What can and do you see in these photographs? We invite you to share your own thoughts, stories, experience and knowledge about the people, places, and sentiments presented in these photographs by writing in the notecards provided here in the Gallery. You may also share your thoughts by writing on the postcards of the works made available at PUÓN Books, Arts, and Design Shop and sending them to others.

Thank you for coming and supporting this collective work.

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10 November 2018 – 

12 February 2019 

The Show

Curated by the Artists Guild of La Union (AGLAUN), this exhibition showcases local artists' use of abstraction to broaden viewers' perceptions, interpretations, and imagination in the appreciation of beauty and in the opening up of the subconscious.

     "We see through our eyes and we tend to see the superficial, but once we use different senses we somehow see beyond what the eyes can see.

       This Art Exhibition is beyond senses, we try to challenge our minds on a small scale. We just need a minute to let the Artwork tell you its story."

AGLAUN Artists Statement  

  KADKADUWA, Riel Jaramillo Hilario

December 18, 2017 – March 1, 2018

The Show
In the Ilocos, kadkaduwa refers to the self that lies between consciousness and the dream state or unconsciousness, which in turn, has been the source of all of Hilario's imagery and themes for close to 15 years of wood work. Exhibiting the works under the rubric of this vernacular term allows the artist to foreground the subject of the dreaming state in art making. Kadkaduwa also refers to the self that travels outside the body, and whose adventures in other worlds constitute the stuff of dreams when it returns.
The Artist

Riel Hilario was born Ronald Jaramillo Hilario in 1976 in Vigan Ilocos Sur. He is a fourth generation woodworker from the Jaramillos of San Vicente Ilocos Sur. He studied visual arts at the Philippine High School for the Arts as a state scholar and eventually took up painting and art history courses from the University of the Philippines. While his first solo show in 1996 up to 2001 featured paintings and drawings, Hilario has perennially worked with hand-carved wood sculpture.

He is a winner of the 2012 Ateneo Art Awards: Sneak Peak. He is also amomg the eight national winners of the Philippine Art Awards in 2012. He has also won residency grants to Paris through the Philippine Artist Residency Program of Alliance Française de Manille (2012) and to New York and Malaysia (2013) courtesy of the Asian Cultural Council. He has been named Elizabeth McCormack and Jerome Aron Fellow with regards to his ACC grant. The Cultural Center of the Philippines has also named the artist as among the awardees of the Thirteen Artist Awards in  2012.