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The Tadiar Library is free and open to the public.

Please help us maintain this service by observing the following rules:

1. Before using the Library, readers and researchers must first obtain a Library Card by registering with the Staff Librarian and presenting a current, valid ID. 


2. Materials currently still in print are available for outside circulation while unique, irreplaceable materials are restricted for in the room use only. Please do not take any circulating materials out of the Library without checking them out. All bags and personal belongings are subject to inspection before readers/researchers leave the premises.


3. No food or drink is permitted in the Library. Please bring your personal belongings with you when you go to the Café or book shop.


4. All mobile phones must be put on silent mode. Phone conversations must be held outside the Library.


5. Please do not reshelve books after use. Leave the books with the Librarian for reshelving.

Our collection includes books and materials focused on local, national, and regional histories.

Search for books, articles, maps, music, and other materials here:

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